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I decided to make this website a reflection of my earliest days of computing, when the internet wasn’t used for much of anything other than government and military needs. My first experience with communicating with other computers was through a modem, via telnet.

Telnet was a way for computers to exchange information directly. Since phone lines were used, we had to dial in to other’s Telnets, and most people used local Telnets to avoid long distance charges. Anyway, by far, the most exciting thing you could do on Telnet at that time was to visit Bulletin Board Systems (BBS).

I used to frequent two the most; one was an interactive story game, and one (my favorite) was called MAPS-NET. You could, if given access by the administrator, use satellites to capture images of the earth. This was in the late 80’s and very early 90’s, so you could barely make out what the images even were. But I was still fascinated.

I intended this website to reflect not only some of my fondest memories of my childhood, but my taste for minimal, effective, and efficient software and simple, intuitive interfaces. I hope you agree and enjoy your visit!

Did you know?

Bulletin Board Systems on Telnet are alive and well! If you are so inclined, you can still visit many of the popular ones here.