> Nick Mancuso

Developer, Student, and Open Source Enthusiast

About Me

Hi! My name is Nick Mancuso. I am a father of two and husband of one that currently lives in Delaware. I was a chef for about 25 years, (did you check out my food pictures?) 10 of which I have been part-time while I stayed home to care for my children. I decided that when my children get older, I did not want to return to the restaurant industry when I was ready to be employed full time again. Holidays and weekends are too important!

After much deliberation and encouragement from my wife, I decided to pursue my other passion, computer science. I am currently a student at the University of Delaware, working on my BS in computer science. To further my study of calculus and computing, I have decided to pursue a concentration in numerical computation and a math minor. I expect to graduate in the fall of 2021.

Some of my hobbies include making crafts with my daughters, cooking (of course), gardening, and spending time outside. I also enjoy contributing to open source projects, like JabRef.

I am very interested in Mathematics, especially Calculus and Analytic Geometry. The neat animation you see above is made using an incredible Javascript library called I2Djs. The animation is based upon a composition of the sine and tangent trigonometric functions, along with some circles. I was inspired by this codepen.

If you like my header, it is an SVG I created from this great PSD, by Ansimuz games!